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Best Price Guarantee

  1. Why do we offer a Best Price Guarantee?

We value you! In most instances you will find that we are paying the absolute highest price out there for your diabetic testing supplies. It is rare that we are not. But, if you happen to find a rare instance that we are not, we want to make sure that we are fair to you, and to all of our customers. Not only do we aim to provide the best customer service around, but we also strive to give you the best price available.

  1. How do I cash in on the Best Price Guarantee?

It’s easy! Simply complete the quote form and tell us what you’ll be sending in.  On the order form you will see an “Additional Details” section.  This is where you will let us know the details of the better price that you have found and tell us the name of the website you found the price on.  Complete your order as you normally would and click “Submit”.

We will verify the source, edit your order, and update it to reflect the best price (based on the terms of the competitor).  There’s nothing more you need to do… except for send in your test strips, of course.

NOTE:  We reserve the right to deny price adjusting from sources reported for dishonest business practices and/or misrepresentation [in short, we do not price adjust based on information from fraudulent or deceptive buyers].  You must notify us of the higher offer before your payment is submitted.  Once payment has been submitted, we are unable to honor any changes to your order.   Price Matching and Bonuses cannot be used together.

Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, go ahead and fill out our FREE QUOTE FORM and let us pay you the best price for your test strips!  (And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook.)

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